About Us

We are pompous enough to write,
but are you bored enough to read?

Anyway, if you must, it all started at the beginning of 2018. One of us thought about brandishing a wristwatch.
Not in Europe, not in New York, not even in dodgy alleyways of Bandra, it all started in a rickety old bus from Pondicherry. 

Soon the hunt began, no website went un-browsed and no mall was spared our presence. But, all we found was ourselves in the middle of food courts.

What the world had to offer was bulky, alpha male, look-at-me, chronograph, sonograph, you have arrived watches. While we who were still waiting for our pizzas to arrive were looking for something to just tell us the time as we go about our rather straightforward lives.

Watches wanted to tell us the time of multiple time zones. We didn't care what time it was in Paris, but to talk about croissants would be a totally different matter altogether.

Others wanted you to dive with them. No thank you, we said when we enter the swimming pool, we want everything off us.

Anyways before we digress any further and this about us, turns into a rant, you get what we’re getting at.

Ostensibly, the market is catering to the needs of most people. It's just that we craved for something rather simple, something to just keep us in time. And there you have it that’s the story of Genesis.

And here we are making wonderful watches under a humble hunt named Wode. But the question is, must we?

For better stories, we recommend Oscar Wilde.