While we’ve been advocates of a minimalistic lifestyle, the last few weeks have made us ponder that given the current scenario, soon minimalism may not be a choice, but the need of the hour.

minimalism covid

These are times of essential minimalism. It trickles down to clothing, possessions, food, supplies, everything. Focus on bringing things back to the ultimate basics. Like pyjamas.
By the end of it, our belongings will be more worthwhile, as we handpick quality over quantity. That is if you can outlive these sunny days.  
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Go from knowing a little bit about everything to everything of a little something. Start a fling with Information Minimalism. 

It doesn’t mean we dumb ourselves down. It is in fact a switch to a more selective, thorough, richer inculcation of information. It’s about giving precedence to long articles over short headlines, documentaries to 5minute YouTube sessions, and maybe someday even an entire book.



minimalism covid

Give Aesthetic Minimalism a taste.
And taste isn’t the only thing it’s limited to. It allows for a clear living space, where your mind isn’t always cluttered or distracted by what’s going on around the room. It’s simple and refreshing, a perfect environment to keep a person clear-minded and focused. That includes shutting down that Netflix tab, dear.


Surrender the wants and embrace Resource Minimalism. 

Be it food, water, electricity, or any of the basics, these times are a reminder that we cannot allow any wastage. It’s only about not using the resources when we don’t need it. Small conscious efforts from everyone (or one Bezos) on basic needs can help equally distribution among all the citizens.

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Meet FASHION MINIMALISM. Now get with it.
When you’ve spent weeks locked down at home, you do realize that they are only a handful things that you need, and you need them all the time (we’re looking at you, dear mattress).
So, choose items that are made with better materials or demonstrable craftsmanship. Beautiful things that will survive, even if you don’t.


In the age of anxiety, we need to strip back and focus on what is really important — be mindful about how we spend our time and resources.

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